On 19 October 2016 at 15:47, Jean-Baptiste Holcroft <jean-baptiste@holcroft.fr> wrote:
Le 2016-10-19 11:25, Besnik Bleta a écrit :
I hoped that fellow translators and coordinators would stand up publicly
against hijacking practices. I consider it hijacking, since it initiated
from an external entity, which pressed hard for accepting their
self-righteous views.

I’ve seen reconciliatory preachings coming from people who see the
situation just as a little miscommunication issues, assuming that this
is a conflict between one person and a community. If you take out those
inactive 14 people, there’s five left, with only two translation sprints
behind and some 3-5 thousand words contribution (I asked for recent
statistics in my previous messages, none was offered.)

We did, none of us said you did something obviously wrong nor suggested to remove your coordinator role.
It means at least tacite support. We are several hundreds person on this mailing list (600 or 900 hundreds), we write when we need to (at least we try).

I also wrote before this discussion arrived on-list and authorized you to publish it here. I pointed out even unreviewed strings will reach end-user and using non-fedora mailing list for fedora translation activities is a bad idea. I also wrote "Does Besnik do something you see incompatible with his role ?"

Even if you feel like hijacked and personnaly challenged, the only thing that serve you badly is making personnal attacks.

Exactly. Fedora is community driven. It has rules and regulation defined by community itself. If some problem, we can define new rules to deal with it with consensus.

No one forced Besnik for any action, rather requested his opinion. Deciding based on statistics if fine. If you could ask, we can definitely go for it.

To avoid further embarrassing situation to fellow translators I hereby
step back from coordinator for sq locale. Please transfer the rights to
trans-sq@lists.fedoraproject.org as well.

I'm sad you're giving up the role, I hope you will still translate, you have a lot of interesting and major projects to translate in Albanian.

Indeed sad to see going. Ideally this is not way to ending debate/discussion.  Your decision, so respecting it. Let us know, if we can help anyway.