Maybe off topic but I have using the countdown as my forum signatures for few weeks.

(note: maybe unaccessible at sometimes)
This use inkscape to render, and workaround the www-data bug(my server is ubuntu, moving to fedora when 12 is out) by giving root access to inkscape (I know this is security flaw, but www-data just SEGFALT inkscape with no output) and does not uses any form of cache (my server load still does not hit to 3+)


On Tue, Apr 28, 2009 at 7:23 AM, Ricky Zhou <> wrote:
Hi, Paolo Leoni made the countdown banner for this release, and we'd
love to have it translated in a few languages (no rush or anything
though, we'll be continuously pushing translations online until the

The source SVG is at

You may need to install the mgopen-fonts package to see the fonts
properly.  I'm not totally who to send these to generate the PNGs, but
you can send the translated SVGs for now.

Please send two SVGs: One with the translation for the singular
"arriving in 1 day" and one for the plural "arriving in XX days"

I'll try to get somebody from the art team to send some more specific
instructions and to help out with the this is possible.

Thanks a lot,

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