I would like to say something on the topic.  I gave my normal email and filled the aforementioned survey.  I do care about my privacy, but without getting paranoid.  This is a community-based survey, and my name and email are easy to find. Let's not go over the top.
Second, I think a survey is a good idea.  It gives feedback, and we can talk about the results and how to improve the tools and our work.
Third, as you said Alex, it wasn't mandatory. Anyone could do it or not at will.
Forth, what does it mean  "in the benefit of Zanata only"?  Aren't we using Zanata?  How any improvement in a tool we use can do us any harm?
Fifth, discussing without information is pointless.  First you gather information, in the form of a survey or another method, and  *after*  you discuss on the provided information.
Sixth, your email is perfectly fine AFAIK.

Cheers and have a nice day all,

2017-04-22 19:08 GMT+02:00 Alex Eng <loones1595@gmail.com>:

I know this email will somehow backfire on me or brings out more harsh discussion but I was disappointed and upset by this issue for few days now and just want to put it out there. 

Recently I have sent out a survey request for Zanata platform in this mailing list, asking for translators' feedback for improvement and understand our users. But it was knocked back for various reasons. 

I admit there are few points that were pointed out are valid and should be corrected, eg. Mandatory of email, and use of Google. However, I was troubled by the rather harsh critics and unexpected response. And yes, I do take it personally. 

The comments below are all my opinion personally.
1) I never force anyone to partake the survey, if anyone is uncomfortable doing it, then don't do it.
2) One of the reason I was told is that the survey is only for the benefit of Zanata, not Fedora. That to me is a very selfish mindset and I strongly disagree with that. Correct me if I'm wrong but I don't think that's how Fedora community works.  
3) Another reason was I need to "discuss it first" before doing it. For a survey? Although I understand the benefit of letting the group know beforehand, but is it not the same as sending out the survey and just don't do it if you're not comfortable?
4) I was told to " respect mailing lists guidelines". Isn't mailing list main purpose it for communication? And I do think it is the right platform to use to communicate with all translators in Fedora, unless there are some other ways. Until now, I am still not sure what wrong I did in the email. Maybe I'm violating the guideline in this email too :)

Having to work with various large communities, I understand different people have different opinion and I do respect that. Also I like to think myself as a reasonable person which often takes critics as an opportunity to improve myself, or on any project. Often I do try my best to provide explanation and solution to any issue. But getting complaint just to send out a survey with the impression of no respect at all is a whole new level for me.

I believe community work is only success by working together and be able to provide constructive feedback to each other for improvement. This to me will not help with the situation and only will move things backwards. 
My main goal in the Fedora community is to improve and help the project with whatever I can. If I am doing things not in the right way, please do let me know and I am more than happy to be corrected. 


Alex Eng

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