Dear Roman,

Thanks for your email and appreciate your concern.

The bugs that we were available are posted on the test page. [1]

I am afraid, we could not find any bugs relevant to F18 to be mentioned on the page. Apologies if we missed any. As the testing is still open and few people are doing testing, we shall be preparing the test report with bugs and comments/issues and post it by next week.

Hope I have answered your concern. Feel free to ask questions. Your suggestions and feedbacks are very valuable for us to improve our process and make future testing events better each time.

Best regards
Ani Peter
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On വ്യാഴം 04 ഒക്ടോബര്‍ 2012 03:31 വൈകു, Roman Spirgi wrote:
Hi Ani

I'm wondering why there are no comments and bug ids for this release ,,,
So it's quite difficult to track any issues I suppose. Did I miss something or am I too early?


2012/9/26 Ani Peter <>
Hello everyone!

We have the  F18 Localization Test Day scheduled on 26th September (Friday) to check our translations quality for the Fedora packages.
Kindly request all Fedora translators and users to participate in this test event. Please check [1] for details. You many also please note that to reduce the load on wiki page and get things  more organised, we have made some modifications in the test matrix [2]. Feel free to provide your feedback/comments on the same.

Few important points to be taken care:-
* Please take a look at [3] for few changes in the steps to run desktop in your language.
* As we all know during fedora development most of things are unstable and for this test too we have listed down the few packages which are not ready to test in native language. Please check "Comment" in Test Matrix while testing each component.

Thanking you
Best regards
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