2014-11-18 12:04 GMT+01:00 Robert Mayr <robyduck@fedoraproject.org>:
Dear translators,
the new getfedora.org source is now open for translations on TX, I've pushed the first strings there right now and will update the POT constantly till F21 Release Date. As already pointed out by Paul, the strings we will have on getfedora.org will be significantly less than fedoraproject.org, therefor I think 3 weeks are a reasonable time to get all the work done.
Actually we don't have a staging instance and are still working on the layout, but within this week I hope we could have the website running to give you the possibility to proofread the strings and to understand where they are and in which context.

Pay attention on some strings which contain line-breaks, the <br /> tag. Design/Marketing used it to give the slogans a better rythm and to make it stronger, in the same way it should work for every team's language. Don't cancel the tags, but place them in the right position for your language and all will be fine. As said before, once we have the site running you will be able to review the exact place where it is and could eventually modify it to make it sound good.

Finally I want to inform you that we are also modifying the content of spins.fedoraproject.org, so please check also this source from time to time and update the strings if needed.
In a few days I will also close the fedoraproject.org source, this website won't have any changes and we want to avoid people working on it any more. Instead all L10n teams should concentrate their workforce on getfedora.org and spins.fpo for the next weeks.

Thank you all for your important work and please report if something on the new getfedora.org source is not working as expected.
Happy translating!

Robert Mayr

Hi all,
last two weeks before lining up the branch for the F21 websites, which also means fedoraproject.org will come soon to its end. I closed the fedoraproject.org source right now, it's not worth anymore to put work into it. Please check back to getfedora.org for new strings as we are updating the POT file almost daily now. Most of the strings are already in place, so don't worry, it can be all done in time also for smaller L10n teams.
Actually we are also trying to run the new pages on staging and will pull your new po files for the first time in the next hours.
Thanks for all the work done till today, let us know if something is not going as it should.
Best regards.

Robert Mayr