Hi, nice job creating this service.

How can I request addition of Kazakh language there (kk)?

Thanks in advance

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Hi Everyone,

Fedora 28 is released, and this is interesting to learn how was translation completeness for packages and what is required for fedora 29. At this point, Transtats can determine packages which are out of sync[1] (in which languages) and translation volume[2] required for a release. Transtats Jobs[3] sync package with pointing translation platform (DamnedLies and Zanata), Upstream git repository and koji build system. On details page of a package[4] we can see translation statistics from all three places.

+ At a glance translation report for packages as a group (for a release) or as an individual (detail picture). Tool to inspect translation deficiency and errors in final shipment (srpm).
- As transtats job scheduling feature is still under development, sync jobs need manual attention. sync with (1) translation platform (2) upstream (3) build system and then update diff.

Please help us identifying more packages[5] to add.

All packages from translation sprint present in this list.    👍

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