Hi Noriko,

As requested please add Angika (anp) to the language list also. Its a new language request and give me appropriate access.


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    Meeting Minutes 2014-10-14
    1. fedora.zanata.org <http://fedora.zanata.org> instance is
    scheduled to ready in production by
    next Tuesday 2014-10-21.

    2. In order to manage migration project efficiently, we are considering
    to handle the migration by our side. Aka Zanata team may pull and push
    the data on be half of maintainers.

    3. zanata team is working on web hook.

    4. 'package owner list' on the wikipage [1] has been updated and moved
    to new location.

    5. The schedule plan on the wiki page [1] has been updated.

    Noriko: cobtain consensus from the package owners
    Carlos: contact Fedora Infra team to coordinate email system
    Noriko: add language list in the 'package owner list' spreadsheet


Noriko, please add Angika (anp) in go list. Though this language not
started, but I requested to create Angika (anp) on transifex. So please
create a team of Angika as well.

Done, thank you.
Rajesh, if you are creating new language team, please ensure that all steps are taken in this page for L10N Maintainer [1]. And feel free to edit the page if any out dated info you find.
Thanks again... n


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