I have fedora 6. I have some questions.
  1) Is it okay to translate the strings of the latest version(fedora 9) on Fedora 6 version.

Ya , you can do the translation for F9 on F6.
  2) Where can I find the list of pending tasks?

At present, as per the fedora 9 schedule the translation due date was over. Any how F9 is going to be released in 2 days.
We can work on documentation module. You can find the module files at
  3) Can we have a page in wiki where all the people working on specific translations are listed.
Ya it would be a nice idea.

  4) May I know the active list of people working on telugu translation.
I hope to do more of the translation work than communications. For getting started if there is somewhere to get started that would better. Most of the time I am getting lost in the website navigations. I dont know if that is a issue I alone face. If someone has a better idea on how to go for it, I appreciate listening to their tips. If there is a telugu portal that would be great. 
At present you and me are joined in fedora-trans-te mailing list. When i was working for Fedora 9 i didn't find anybody. Seems we need form the team well.
I think http://translate.fedoraproject.org/ itself has some issues. Most of time it is not respond quickly.
Telugu portal?....i didn't get. sorry. could you please explain.


Thanks & Regards