On 1/13/06, Ladislav Bodnar <distro.watch@msa.hinet.net> wrote:
On Saturday 14 January 2006 05:50, Justin Conover wrote:
> > Of course I'm wondering why waste $3k for (apple name) to put Linux on
> > it,
> why not get an Asus or "Other" brand with the core duo processor. Or
> just get a X2 laptop :)

Perhaps because it has a potential to triple-boot the three major desktop
operating system available today? That's something that has not been done
before. I am sure there are people who would find this a good enough reason
to spend $3k on it.

I can do that on my current laptop.  Linux/Solaris/FreeBSD, am I missing something :)

j/k went way off topic :)