My install of Rawhide had a nice update today.

Below is just a screenshot showing two appimages running that
I recently briefly mentioned.    The beta version of Krita and Firefox.

Along with some read-outs from inxi showing the rc7 kernel and mesa 20.2.0
along with my hardware specifications.   

htop looks normal with the YouTube video playing, but I didn't show it.

I think somewhere on the internet, it should say that newbies should not
use appimages for their web-browser, as my experience with that has been
negative.   But for tinkering with this beta of Krita, appimages seems like a good idea,
but not for people new to Linux, at least not in 2020.     However, they are no harder
to use than a printer-driver, maybe even easier, than a printer-driver.

David Locklear