Sorry for delay.

I'm a bit confused. You said you were installing Fedora in Russian language. If you pick Russian language in the initial anaconda screen, you don't need to configure keyboard layout anymore, because the Russian layout should be already selected. What am I missing?

Yes, Russian layout selected automatically.

Also, if you don't create a standard user during installation, on the first boot on the installed system (GNOME), it should boot into graphics and force you to create a user. But you say you create the user using root (I presume by switching into a VT). So what exactly do you do about those "create a new user" dialogs?

I create new user after reboot after installation - "force you to create a user".

I tried again using these instructions and it worked for me. Please note there's currently a bug which disallows you to log out and log back in again (if you update to certain packages):

But the first login after boot should always work. If it doesn't for you, it would be best if you could run the whole process in aVM (including installation), record it as a video, and then upload it e.g. to youtube and post a link here, so that we can see exactly what's happening in your case.