The reason you did not hear many people complain might be because for one its not used by default so not everyone knows of its existence, or alternatively like me are waiting for the point where they can use it without to much fuss.

The 'ease' of 'it just works' isn't quite there yet, because it keeps asking me for passwords to be able to bring the network up, instead of already letting me get to work when i switch on the notebook.. i have to wait for it to prompt for passwords and use them to get the wep key and bring the network up, instead of being ready and connected to the preferred & available network and letting me do whatever i switched my notebook on

To be honest i only complain because i WANT to use NM badly and you said not many people do :-). I love the visual feedback on network strength, have the pretty clickable applet & would love to just be able to click the network i want it to use ... without the disadvantages it brings with it that it has now :-)

Can't we just use (and store) the keys that in /etc/sysconfig/networking/profiles/*/keys-* ? :-)

    -- Chris

On Wed, 2006-01-11 at 13:04 -0500, Dan Williams wrote:

NetworkManager was written to make wireless & laptop use easier
_immediately_, and server & immobile workstation cases would be dealt
with at a slightly later date.  The current operation of NM is entirely
consistent with a laptop/mobile-user use-case, and I've not heard [m]any
of these users complain.  Laptop & mobile users do not always have
network.  So in the current system, cronjobs have no guarantee of being
run either.  NM doesn't change that.