On 05/30/16 19:05, Timothy Murphy wrote:
I'm not a tester, but I thought I would note
that sendmail-8.15.2-6.fc24.x86_64 does not appear to work for me
under Fedora-24 beta.

If anyone else is using it without problem, please ignore this report.

I was running KMail with the sendmail option for sending email,
and this failed with the error "Failed to transmit message".
When I changed to using a remote email server, KMail worked fine,
so I assume the problem was with sendmail.

I'm afraid I didn't study the problem seriously.
I simply observed that journalctl had the entry
  sendmail.service: PID file /run/sendmail.pid not readable (yet?)
    after start: No such file or directory
and the following, repeated several times
  May 25 23:14:52 william.gayleard.com ksmserver[1395]:
    QXcbWindow: Unhandled client message: "_NET_CURRENT_DESKTOP"

I've already mentioned it before in one of my responses to one of your messages about "systemd/sendmail problem - seeking help" on one of the lists you've posted to.

I've tested/used sendmail on F23/F24 with that innocuous message coming out and not having any problems whatsoever......just not with kmail.

You're Welcome Zachary Quinto