On 12/1/05, Gilboa Davara <gilboada@netvision.net.il> wrote:
> On Thu, 2005-12-01 at 09:03 +0100, Arjan van de Ven wrote:
> > > Your post is way-out of line. Please keep your pissing contest-style
> > > posts to yourself.
> >
> > how is this way out of line? It's in no way rude or abusive and it
> > points to where he can get more information, there's an entire topic on
> > the nvidia forum about this stuff. Questions about binary drivers are
> > not really fedora related (fedora is an open source project after all)
> > and are thus mostly off-topic here, especially since there is a good
> > forum for questions like these.

Let me see if I get your message:
If I'm having problem with connecting my FC4 to a Windows SMB server, I
shouldn't come here because Windows is a closed source software.
If I'm having problem syncing with my Palm, I shouldn't come here
because Palm is a closed source project.
Somehow I doubt that anything remotely close to your POV ever appeared
in the FC mailing list guide-lines. (And I just checked)

And even if in your eyes, he's question was off-topic, I doubt that it
was in your place to give such a rude answer.

Now, if we can all move along.... (His question was answered and his
problem solved.)

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You people need to get a grip, Arjan was not rude at all, pretty simple answer, they don't support closed source drivers, the best place to go is nvidia forums.  If you go to nvidia.com, you'll find that you can send emails too


Which I did back on Nov 11.  Here was there reply

Hi Justin,
If your inquiry is regarding running the nvidia driver with a modular
Xorg, then this is a known issue with 1.0-7676, and will be resolved
with the next driver (1.0-8xxx) release.

Lonni J Friedman
NVIDIA Corporation

My reply

Thank you for the fast reply, do you have an eta when they will be released.  Do you have a beta program people can join?  I run a lot of beta software and report bugs.


his reply

Hi Justin,
While we do not currently have a beta program, we are planning to start
releasing beta drivers at some time in the future, after the next driver

We are hoping to release the next driver later this month.


So basically the dead horse I'm kicking here, is no, this isn't the place, sure you can ask and maybe someone will know and maybe you'll get told to go to the source(closed), but that is it.

Everyone knows going into rawhide it can be a bumpy ride, deal with it.