On 10/29/07, timohirt <timohirt@gmx.de> wrote:

yesterday I installed Fedora 8 on my T61 and I like it. But there are a
few bugs which are annoying to me.

The worst thing is that I have to reboot Fedora twice anytime I'm
rebooting because the screen stays black on the first reboot.
Maybe because of the Nvidia drivers from livna. While I am writing this
I test to boot up in init 3 to see when the boot up process breaks.

... snip ...

Yes, I was seeing this too about a week ago.
(and I have Intel video, not nVidia.)

It occurred at random, and my only (reliable) recourse was to
1/ boot in single user
2/ init 3
3/ init 5

(booting to init3, then going to init 5, was NOT good enough.)

Fortunately after a number of daily Rawhides later...
the problem seems to have gone away.

is your F8 up-to-date with the latest Rawhide?