On Fri, Nov 29, 2019 at 9:46 AM Lukas Brabec <lbrabec@redhat.com> wrote:
> 2. Blocker Bugs App (BBA) detects the new blocker and creates a new ticket in Pagure in the "fedora-blockers" project, then updates the bug to link to this ticket (a new comment, a Links entry). It shows both the bug and the discussion ticket in its UI.

What about fedora-blockers group with FXX-{{Beta,
Final}-Blockers,{Beta, Final}-FEs} projects. Issues would be filed
against appropriate project in that group. I like the added hierarchy
and that F32-Final-Blockers would have only relevant issues. Or does
this sound too complicated?

The proposed milestone is often not the milestone we approve it for. For example it might be proposed for Beta, but we agree that's a Final blocker. How would you handle ticket transfers between projects?

Also, often a bug is a Final blocker and a Beta FE. How would you handle a ticket that needs to be part of several projects?

Additionally, people would need to subscribe to all projects if they wanted to receive notifications for new proposed blockers, and they would need to repeat it every time a new release appears (because we'd create new projects in that group every time a new Fedora is branched).

I think all of that is much easier solved by tags. Tags for F31, F32, etc, tags for blocker/FE, tags for proposed/agreed. The only concern is not getting out of sync with information in Bugzilla and BBA. Perhaps we don't need tags at all, and can instead improve BBA to show us historical bugs/tickets. Or perhaps the sync issues are not such a problem. Shrug.

> 5. Once some kind of understanding of the issue is formed, a privileged member (e.g. a member of @fedora-qa FAS group) can start the vote by including a command in his comment, e.g. "START VOTE" on a separate line. (Note that this is just a proposal. We can easily let anyone start the vote, or we can allow voting right from the beginning without an explicit start.)

I'd allow voting right from the beginning, OTOH I think we would often
see a lot of votes, then proper discussion and RESTART command after
that. We can try both (explicit START and right from the beginning)
and see which is better.

Yeah, already replied to Frantisek, voting from the beginning seems like a better option.