F24 Beta 1.2 Desktop on usb flash medium, Acer Laptop E15 E5-571G with Win 8.1. Installed F24 Beta, tested only wifi connection in the Gnome initial setup, dnf update, shutdown. Some hours later I tried to boot F24 again, no success. I saw only the "initial Fedora sign" which appears always at boot time, after completion of this boot phase the was the following displayed:
[0.850620] EFI: Problem loaing in-kernel x.509 certificate (-65)

[0.850655] EFI: Problem loaing in-kernel x.509 certificate (-65)
[2.054950] nouveau 0000:03:00.0 unknown chipset (118010a2)

Any ideas? If it's neccessary to investigate this problem, please can You tell me what's to do. It's no problem to make another install on the same flash medium and try again. But I would like to know, which data I should collect during installation and dnf update.
Kind regards