if i was you, i\ll mount the filesystem readonly (using any live cd, like system rescue cd), backup data, and try to fix file system.
also it my be related with:

2008/2/24, John Summerfield <debian@herakles.homelinux.org>:
Andrew Farris wrote:
> John Summerfield wrote:
>> John Summerfield wrote:
>>> 5. Booting an F8 rescue CD. I forgot the pci=nomsi,nommconf trick
>>> (which also works for Knoppix 5.1 on the same hardware), but it
>>> didn't stop there, when last I looked it was taking ages running
>>> /sbin/loader.
>> The f8 rescue CD boots, but is unable to help. When I try to chroot
>> into the installed image, I get "Exec format error."
>> rpm from the rescue CD cannot install rpms on the f9alpha system.
> Sorry I meant from the rawhide rescue image, but it appears not to be

That's okay, I was replying to myself, before I saw your earlier reply.

> anywhere right now (I guess images haven't built in awhile).  The F9
> Alpha may let you get into a rescue environment though.

I don't have any F9Plpha boot media, and I've not located any.
I can download this:
and unpack it, and create a bootable CD (I have a script someplace that
puts grub on a CD, adding a kernel might not be difficult) or usb disk
(I suppose I can get it from the BIOS and hence from existing grub).

I'll work on that until someone has a better idea.



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