have told Sandisk the story, they said they don't make sticks to do OS installations and they said i should return the stick, they will send another one,
which will work. So we will see, what happens when the stick is replaced.
Kind regards

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Von: Joerg Lechner <julechner@aol.com>
An: test <test@lists.fedoraproject.org>
Verschickt: So, 23 Okt 2016 10:58 am
Betreff: Re: again F25 on USB Flash medium - with legacy ok - only problem with EFI -Anaconda

I have just made a f3 test, the stick is ok, I attach the result. If it's an interference of Acer Laptop, Sandisk USB 65GB stick and Fedora, I have started discussions with Acer and Sandisk, Sandisks first answer will come in a few working days. Acer said that the Bios manufacterer is
Inside H2O, if anyone knows Bioses like that.

[joerg@linux media]$ su
[root@linux media]# f3write --start-at=1 --end-at=65 /run/media/joerg/sandiskTest
Free space: 57.19 GB
Creating file 1.h2w ... OK!                        
Creating file 2.h2w ... OK!                        

  Data OK: 57.17 GB (119900264 sectors)
Data LOST: 0.00 Byte (0 sectors)
           Corrupted: 0.00 Byte (0 sectors)
    Slightly changed: 0.00 Byte (0 sectors)
         Overwritten: 0.00 Byte (0 sectors)
Average reading speed: 40.26 MB/s
[root@linux media]#

Kind regards