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Has anyone poked at scoping out the work required for either the bot or
the enhancements we would need for pagure?

Lukáš Brabec looked into it, and creating a new Pagure ticket is a matter of a few lines of code (already written). Extending BBA with a "discussion link" in each blocker row should be trivial as well. I think that's all we need for trying it out.

The blocker bot watching and updating the issue should be fairly easy as well, I hope, but as described above, we've hit an issue where Pagure API doesn't allow comment editing. Lukáš implemented a workaround that adds a new metadata field on the right side of each Pagure ticket showing the count summary. It's barebones, but at least something. We've haven't yet looked into writing the listener code, that would listen for Pagure events on the message bus and react to them. We also haven't looked at Bugzilla updater as described in the proposed workflow (that's really a cherry on top, we don't need it right away).
Implementing an api endpoint to edit comment is easy, open an RFE on pagure's issue tracker if you need it and I'll take it

I'm not going to say no to that! :-) Here it is:
Thanks a lot.