Hi No problem here, Logitech M535 mouse.

On 14-10-2020 19:03, Peter Robinson wrote:
A new proposed blocker bug showed up today:

the issue is that if you have a bluetooth mouse working, then suspend
the system, when you resume the bluetooth mouse will not be working any
more. You have to go into the GNOME Bluetooth settings applet to get it
to work again.

So far we have two reports, but they happened to have the exact same
mouse. Can other folks who have bluetooth mice (and even, perhaps,
other bluetooth hardware - keyboards, headsets?) - ideally different
ones! - please test this and report their findings either here or to
the bug? It's important to know what range of hardware this affects.
The problem here is it could be very hardware/firmware dependent, not
just for the mouse but the controller as well. I have seen issues
across a bunch of BT devices that don't happen on others and that can
be very out of our control.
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