Hi, I'm suffering a very strange behaviour on my wks and I would like to know if it's a general issue or just my setup before going further.

I upgraded an fc28 wks to fc29 yesterday. fc28 was almost a default wks + nvidia drivers, I don't have more extra repos nor too much extra packages. It had uncommented the waylandEnabled=false line on /etc/gdm/custom.conf

After upgrading first boot went on and it worked properly. I rebooted the machine and ended with a stucked gdm after login in with my standard user. It looked like being to trying to go with wayland on nvidia, so I rebooted the machine to init 3 to fix the problem.

First weird situation: I found /etc/gdm/custom.conf with waylandEnabled=true. wtf, i swear I did 't change it. I fixed the line and exec init 5 as root. gdm goes properly to xorg and I continued working.

Second reboot, and same gdm stucking issue. This time /etc/gdm/custom.conf continues with false for waylandEnabled. there is nothing strange on /run/gdm/custom.conf either.

Ok, I went init 3 again. sudo init 5 just after login on text console ends with a working gdm. going to runlevel 5 directly ends on gdm stucked after login.

I haven't have time to look further and I won't touch that box again until monday

Is someone else having this kind of issues with default workstatin install + nvidia or it's just my box?

It's a ryzen with a nvidia 1060.