On Tue, Dec 3, 2019 at 8:29 PM Kevin Fenzi <kevin@scrye.com> wrote:
I pretty much agree with all the points you made on the various systems.
That said, I think this is kinda a bad time to be doing this change.
There's a lot of... (grumblings? rumors? idle converstations?) about the
various bug/issue/source/forges we are currently using. I don't know if
this means we will move to something else, try and consolidate more on
one or what, it's all very vuage at this point. So, IMHO, it's kind of a
bad time to be moving process to one or another things that might
require you to move again later (be that bugzilla or pagure or
whatever). Of course if the process is simple (which I think it should
be) it would translate pretty well to whatever system it's used on.

Thanks for the info. That means we probably shouldn't spend too much time on all the possible bells and whistles, and instead create something simple that a) will help us determine whether we like the async approach or not, and b) can be easily moved to a different ticketing system/source forge. In other words, stick to the basics. Or wait, of course, after F32 release cycle is over, and then perhaps the situation will be clearer. But I'd rather try it now, a simple experiment shouldn't hurt anybody and it's trivial to get back to IRC meetings any time :)

As a side note I will note that bugzilla does allow voting also, we just
asked them to disable it on the Fedora component. Althought I am not
surre it works in a way thats useful for this workflow: Every user gets
X vote points per Y time and can distribute them accross bugs as they
like. I guess the idea is that then you could see the bugs users REALLY
want fixed.

I guess I would be most in favor of something leveraging bugzilla, since
thats where our bugs are (at least now).

Pagure had two major benefits for me compared to Bugzilla:
1. Comments can be edited. I wanted to use comment 0 for vote summary. Unfortunately, Lukáš Brabec looked into this and current Pagure API doesn't allow comment editing, you can do it only using your browser. So Pagure API would have to be extended :-/
2. Pagure can add tags to tickets. But after discussion, I agreed with Adam that it might not be wise to mirror all the blocker metadata (accepted/rejected, blocker/FE) in another system, at least initially.

So none of those two is a benefit in the near future. Pagure still has a more comfortable UI, but it's more even now with Bugzilla.