Thank you! Thank you!

I tried it on my Acer Ferrari 4005 laptop and it recognized the Synaptics touchpad  while the previous kernels didn't.

My ipw2200 adapter on the laptop also works out of the box with WPA due to the updated drivers :)

I had filed a bug for the Synaptics touchpad. Should that be  closed?


Dave Jones <> wrote:
To try and get a jump-start on testing 2.6.15, I've prepared
packages for FC4 based on the current rawhide kernel.

These are likely to change almost daily, and there's no
guarantee how much longer 2.6.15 is going to be in -rc stage,
so I'm going to hold off pushing these out as an official
updates-testing release until a final 2.6.15 has been released.
(Should a security errata be needed befo! re then, I'll push out another
2.6.14 based release)

Please file bugs in bugzilla, rather than emailing me/this list about them.


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