is your grub.conf ok?

2008/2/24, John Summerfield <>:
Andrew Farris wrote:

> I suspect you've got the 54 or 64 kernel installed [1], both of which
> fail for many people with the 'switch_root: no such file' error.
> Backing it down to the 40 kernel may get you farther into the boot and
> maybe show whether or not the volume group issue goes away or not.  To
> get it backed down you'll need to download the kernel, boot into a
> rescue mode, chroot, and install the older kernel.
> If this fails you might have to go farther back, getting a 2.6.24 kernel
> to install, then when booted to that you may be able to install the
> 2.6.25 rc kernel (2.6.25 kernels had some issues with mkinitrd when done
> on a 2.6.25 kernel, I'm not sure if that is resolved).

At present I don't have any means of booting a Linux system that can
perform any maintenance on the system.

The kernel is a dot-64 job.

> [1]



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