Has Rawhide ever passed a gating-check ?

I have seen about a hundred emails saying the next iso did not pass a gating-check.
That is kind of annoying.

It seems it would be more appropriate to only post a comment about the gating-check when it
finally passes, and then I guess have a virtual-toast with a special rare Red wine.

On a related note,

I have about 10 hours now comparing Rawhide in Fedora to Cooker in
OpenMandriva ( on hardware ).      Their Cooker, is a desktop install, with way too many apps
preinstalled like Kwikdisk, Spectacle, Midnight Commander, etc.    And they come with
several Epson and Canon printer drivers, and most of the codecs.     They have one guy
doing a mass-build, and their server apparently goes down occasionally.      And they focus
on KDE, and no longer have an LXQt maintainer, but ironically have someone working on
the DE, "Lumina," and a new DE that does not launch called "Liquidshell."    But they are enthusiastic that their
Cooker iso is compiled with clang, and that they offer a zen-optimised kernel, called znver1.
Their calamares installer worked well, but did not offer btrfs ( I did not try to manually partition ).

Please email me privately about that.    If I see anything new or relevant, I will post it at:


David Locklear
Novice Rawhide user