2016-09-01 13:36 GMT+03:00 Kamil Paral <kparal@redhat.com>:
Hi, when you say you installed it in Russian language, have you also configured Russian keyboard layout (that is the default when you pick Russian language), or have you used USA keyboard by default? What keyboard layout have you used when creating the password for your user in anaconda? When you say you changed your language to English in GNOME, do you mean changing *only* the language, or have you also changed the keyboard layouts?

When you are in GDM and you can't log in - does switching the keyboard layout (should be available in top right corner) help?

Do you have multiple standard users defined in the system, or just one (because if you have just one, GNOME changes the language of the whole system, if you have more of them, it changes the language of just that one user).

In anakonda I configure Russian keyboard layout and create only password for root without creation new user. New user I create after installation for in first login via root. I have two lamguage layouts: Russian and English.
After installation I have RU.png (in attachments) settings and change to EN.png settings.

Best regards,
Alexander Kolesnikov