Le 01/05/2015 21:18, Samuel Sieb a écrit :
On 05/01/2015 07:46 AM, Dorian Vegara wrote:
I encountered this problem with another ZIP. Both were downloaded
properly, yes.

How do you expect anyone to verify the problem if you don't provide a link to the file?  Also, your report is very vague.  You're using Gnome?  Which version?  You click on the file and nothing happens.  Assuming that you're using Nautilus, a single click should highlight the file.  A double click should open the file in Archive Manager.  Which was it? Nothing happens?  Does that mean Archive Manager didn't open, or didn't show anything.  The same problem with Archive Mounter?  That nothing happened?

I have seen before that Archive Manager couldn't find any files in a zip file, but that file seems to be working now.

The files I downloaded are available here :
1. jsTree (a jQuery plug-in) : https://github.com/vakata/jstree/zipball/3.1.0
2. KUB (a Minecraft-like) : http://xenddorf.lescigales.org/kub/download/windowslinux/kubclient.zip

I use both GNOME and KDE, but I encounter this problem only when I use the latter. I installed KDE Frameworks 5.9.0 and I use KDE Plasma 5.3.

So, under KDE :
1. If I do a single click (with KDE, the single clicks are enough to open files, directories, etc.), nothing happens. I mean, nothing is displayed.
2. Moreover, when I do a right click and then I click on "Open with Archive Mounter", the same problem appears.
3. The single (or double) click highlights the file (it's normal).

I executed the command "top" before clicking on the ZIP file. Then I clicked several times and, almost for each click, this process has been created : Konsole output

When I right click and then I click on "Open with Archive Mounter", this process is really created for each click on the submenu ("Open with Archive Mounter").

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