On Thu, Dec 12, 2019 at 4:17 PM pmkellly@frontier.com <pmkellly@frontier.com> wrote:
> Yes, but we use the keywords from those samples in the grep pattern. So if
> the sample is outdated, the grep pattern is likely outdated as well, and we
> need to update the test case anyway. And it might be even more obvious that
> we need to update it if the sample it there (otherwise you have no idea
> where the "unmounted" is coming from).

I still have the samples saved if that helps.

If you like I would be happy to pull all this together into a new

Hi Pat, yes, please do, thanks.
I could also make another test case for the reboot. I just put
reboot back in because I thought one of the comments wanted it. From
what I've read it seems like we would only do the reboot test case on
the live image since the unmount messages would get wiped in the reboot.
Did I miss something. More good learning experience. :-)

My view is that we'll perform the installation, reboot to the actual system, check for errors, reboot, check for errors again. That makes sure the installer unmounts correctly and that the installed system unmounts correctly.

Would we put the samples in the "box out"?

Not sure I understand. Try to do something that looks good to you :)