currently this problem seems to be only mine.
PC: Acer Laptop, 2 years old, Aspire E15 E5-571G
Installation of F25 Beta workstation EFI mode on a Sandisk Ultra USB 3.0 32GB flash medium ok (as it was for F22 - F24)
Installation on an Sandisk Ultra 65GB  -- Dracut Error, as I have tested now, the same error occurs for F22 to F25
Installation in legacy mode on 32Gb and 65GB for F24 and F25 ok.

Now I had a live Chat with Acer Support (Acer says always we make Windows PCs, linux is not our beer),
but in the Chat today I got:
Grundsätzlich ist nur zu beachten, dass Legacy bei der Installation von Linux aktiviert ist und nach der Installation je nach Linux Version auf UEFI umgestellt wird."
I try to translate: Legacy is in the installing process of Linux activated. And will be repositioned depending on the Linux version to UEFI.

"Es gibt Linux Version, die lassen sich nur im Legacy installieren, nach der Installation hat Linux aber grafische Fehler, weswegen man auf UEFI umstellen muss. Das hat an sich mit der Treiberanbindung zu tun."
Translation: There are Linux versions, which can only be installed in Legacy mode, after installation Linux has grafical errors, therefore it has to transferred to UEFI. The reason is driver connection.
So far what I got from Acer.
Therefore this problem seems to be at least partly in the interworking of Acer Bios (EFI) and F25 ?Anaconda?
So far that's all what I currently know about.
Is it possible to transfer a Lecacy installation to EFI? In the Acer language by "changing", adding or patching drivers?
Kind regards