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Am Mi., 30. Nov. 2022 um 16:50 Uhr schrieb Richard Megginson <rmeggins@redhat.com>:

They have submitted several PRs to system roles repos to switch from LGTM to CodeQL - https://github.com/linux-system-roles/storage/pull/309

Questions for the community:
* Do we need LGTM?  Is it useful?  Can you give us an example of a problem found by LGTM that would not have been found otherwise?

when I introduced LGTM to the network role in 2019, it found this issue:

Not sure, if there was any practical impact. The value of services like these come from the fact that they support reviewers from not having to deal with issues that can be found automatically so the reviewers can focus on issues that need a human brain to be found. There does not seem to be statistics available about how many PRs failed LGTM at some point and then were fixed by the contributor without the reviewer needing to step in. @Thomas Haller fixed some issues in NetworkManager based on LGTM results that he considered valued and that were not found otherwise but that is a C project.

* Does anyone have any experience with CodeQL?  How is it?

I let it finish the run on the network role and at first glance it seems to identify valid issues:
I would like to keep it for the network role.

If LGTM isn't useful, I'd like to get rid of it.
If LGTM is useful, I'll merge the PRs (and remove .lgtm.yml from our repos)

I guess you mean CodeQL here. For the network role, I would prefer to get the issues fixed before merging the CodeQL PR and the LGTM badge also needs to be removed from the README.
@Stanislas Faye @Wen Liang please consider this for the upcoming sprint.

Ok. I've added a task for the system roles core team for the other roles.


Or perhaps there is a better tool we should use instead?

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