LGTM is being deprecated in favor of CodeQL - https://github.blog/2022-08-15-the-next-step-for-lgtm-com-github-code-scanning/

They have submitted several PRs to system roles repos to switch from LGTM to CodeQL - https://github.com/linux-system-roles/storage/pull/309

Questions for the community:
* Do we need LGTM?  Is it useful?  Can you give us an example of a problem found by LGTM that would not have been found otherwise?
* Does anyone have any experience with CodeQL?  How is it?

If LGTM isn't useful, I'd like to get rid of it.
If LGTM is useful, I'll merge the PRs (and remove .lgtm.yml from our repos)

Or perhaps there is a better tool we should use instead?