Avik Pal
Bengal Engineering & Scieence University,Shibpur
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From: Avik Pal <avikpal.me@gmail.com>
Date: 6 April 2013 22:51
Subject: Google Summer of Code 2013 - Introduction
To: timn@fedoraproject.org


I'm Avik, 3rd yr (junior) bachelor CS student from Bengal Engineering & Science University,Shibpur.

I went through the GSOC '13 ideas list and found the project Fedora Application for Fedora Robotics Suite very interesting. I also would like to say that I also fulfill all the necessary prerequisites given in the project ideas page.

A little about myself(you may wanna skip this)
I have about 4 years of programming experience, I am the coordinator of the Software Club in my University and help first and second year students with Algorithms, I sometimes also take coding sessions here. My team qualified for the ACM-ICPC 2012 Regionals(only team selected from my university in that region). I  also have over two years experience in robotics (have worked with arduino and especially liked writing those PID codes!!).

I'm hoping to participate in GSoC since while I'm an avid open-source enthusiast, I haven't had any chance in contributing to something this big before and it's about time to fix that.You can find some of my toy projects at https://github.com/avikpal   

I have been going through the links given in your page and documentations here and there, maybe you can help me with some useful resources so that right away I can start contributing by fixing small bugs and in this way sharpen my skills before GSOC actually starts.

I will be accessible by email and through IRC (nick avikp at freenode), but since my time zone is UTC+5:30, I might not be accessible at all times.

Avik Pal
Bengal Engineering & Scieence University,Shibpur
github: https://github.com/avikpal
IRC:-   avikp at freenode