Hello everyone,

this is my first time posting on this particular list. I'm Giannis and I have been contributing to the Fedora Project for the last six (6) years, mainly as an Ambassador. I have been chairing the EMEA bi-weekly IRC meetings and recently, I have also been elected as part of FAmSCo.

I have submitted a proposal for this year's GSoC. Please do take a look[0], If you haven't already.

The concept: a web platform that will help ambassadors plan, organize and list their activities. It will also let them add metrics which can be later collected for statistical purposes.

The need: we have never been able to track ambassadors activities, thus it's really hard to have clear overview of what's going on around every country. There is no central place to list all Fedora-related events, either.

Happy to discuss about this even further with mentors. I have been quite busy these days, I will try to join #fedora-summer-coding at earliest convenience and reach out to you directly.

Take care!

[0] https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/GSOC_2016/Student_Application_giannisk

Giannis Konstantinidis

giannisk on irc.freenode.net