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Trouble with wsdl file
by Tom Caldwell
13 years
Pleased to find his sister well and happy. He b
by Appl Gadoury
13 years
Ne big party--a reception, I think. Our drawing-room has ne
by Lartey Emshoff
13 years
He held
by Buffalo Radatz
13 years
(no subject)
by JoNO .
13 years
WSDL is valid but have error TypeNotFound: Type not found:
by Passmore, James H.
13 years
Re: [Fedora-suds-list] Electric escooter motorcycle/ Manufacturer/Wal-mart\'s supplier!!
13 years
ope that is--I
by Woodward Caston
13 years
Contribute to ticket 316
by Paolo Mossino
13 years
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