On Tue, Nov 29, 2022 at 2:54 AM Jim Burwell <jimb@jsbc.cc> wrote:

On a CentOS 7 system bound to an AD domain,

Single AD domain or multiple/trusted?
running  sssd 1.16.5-10.el7.

Latest should be sssd-1.16.5-10.el7_9.13

Some groups are not showing up in a users list of groups.

The group in question which is not showing up is a large group with over
5000 members. 

Did you try with `ignore_group_members = true` in the domain section of `sssd.conf`?

The Windows Server versions are up to date, so I'm not
sure if the Windows 2k 5000 member limit is the issue or not, or whether
sssd has a similar max group size limit.

Is there a limitation on either the AD or sssd side for the max number
of group members?



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