On Fri, Apr 2, 2021 at 4:19 PM Sam Morris <sam@robots.org.uk> wrote:
Looking into responder_common.c, the function client_recv logs "Invalid data from client, closing connection" if sss_packet_recv returned EINVAL.

Looking into sss_packet_recv, EINVAL is returned if the packet is too large.

Decoding the packet, the first four bytes are the packet length which is 1905; the second four are the command type which is 0xfb or SSS_GSSAPI_SEC_CTX. After the eight status/reserved bytes are the first 1520 bytes of the packet body. The rest of the packet body is never read because after the first recvfrom call (into a buffer of 1536 bytes), the connection is closed.

I can see the definition of SSS_PACKET_MAX_RECV_SIZE is 1024. And I can see some code in sss_packet_recv that handles two types of packet known to be larger (SSS_NSS_GETNAMEBYCERT and SSS_NSS_GETLISTBYCERT, which are allowed to be up to SSS_CERT_PACKET_MAX_RECV_SIZE bytes or 10240 bytes long).

Please, open a ticket.

CC @Pavel Brezina 

So maybe the SSS_GSSAPI_SEC_CTX command needs similar handling of longer packets so that it can deal with large kerberos tickets (which Windows users will have if they are in lots of groups; a quick Google suggests the PAC may grow up to 48 KiB as of Windows Server 2012).

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