*  (2022-01-24 16:11:50): [be[ipa.test]] [child_handler_setup] (0x2000): [RID#171] Signal handler set up for pid [4444]
   *  (2022-01-24 16:11:50): [be[ipa.test]] [write_pipe_handler] (0x0400): [RID#171] All data has been sent!
   *  (2022-01-24 16:11:56): [be[ipa.test]] [krb5_auth_done] (0x0020): [RID#171] child timed out!
  --  what is in the corresponding `krb5_child.log`?
(You might need to enable debug_level=9 in the domain section to get krb5_child.log populated.)

On Tue, Jan 25, 2022 at 5:30 PM Rob Crittenden <rcritten@fedoraproject.org> wrote:
> Am Mon, Jan 24, 2022 at 01:36:28PM -0500 schrieb Rob Crittenden:
> Hi,
> the PAM_PERM_DENIED error is returned from the backend. Please check the
> backend log and krb5_child.log. I agree that it looks a bit like a
> timeout issue since the default krb5_auth_timeout is 6s but I would
> expect a different return code in this case.
> It looks like currently PAM_PERM_DENIED is returned during
> authentication only if the KDC returns KRB5KDC_ERR_CLIENT_REVOKED, i.e.
> the account is locked or similar.

Looks like the backend is detected as offline.

Here is a hopefully not too-hacked representation from the backend log:
   *  (2022-01-24 16:11:50): [be[ipa.test]] [sbus_senders_lookup] (0x2000): Looking for identity of sender [sssd.pam]
   *  (2022-01-24 16:11:50): [be[ipa.test]] [dp_pam_handler_send] (0x0100): Got request with the following data
   *  (2022-01-24 16:11:50): [be[ipa.test]] [pam_print_data] (0x0100): [CID #2] command: SSS_PAM_AUTHENTICATE
   *  (2022-01-24 16:11:50): [be[ipa.test]] [pam_print_data] (0x0100): [CID #2] domain: ipa.test
   *  (2022-01-24 16:11:50): [be[ipa.test]] [pam_print_data] (0x0100): [CID #2] user: user19client003.ipa.test@ipa.test
   *  (2022-01-24 16:11:50): [be[ipa.test]] [pam_print_data] (0x0100): [CID #2] service: login
[snip but it's a password auth]
   *  (2022-01-24 16:11:50): [be[ipa.test]] [dp_attach_req] (0x0400): [RID#171] DP Request [PAM Authenticate #171]: REQ_TRACE: New request. [sssd.pam CID #2] Flags [0000].
   *  (2022-01-24 16:11:50): [be[ipa.test]] [dp_attach_req] (0x0400): [RID#171] Number of active DP request: 1
   *  (2022-01-24 16:11:50): [be[ipa.test]] [sss_domain_get_state] (0x1000): [RID#171] Domain ipa.test is Active
   *  (2022-01-24 16:11:50): [be[ipa.test]] [sss_domain_get_state] (0x1000): [RID#171] Domain ipa.test is Active
   *  (2022-01-24 16:11:50): [be[ipa.test]] [krb5_auth_queue_send] (0x1000): [RID#171] Wait queue of user [user19client003.ipa.test@ipa.test] is empty, running request [0x5614e40a64d0] immediately.
   *  (2022-01-24 16:11:50): [be[ipa.test]] [krb5_setup] (0x4000): [RID#171] No mapping for: user19client003.ipa.test@ipa.test
   *  (2022-01-24 16:11:50): [be[ipa.test]] [krb5_auth_prepare_ccache_name] (0x1000): [RID#171] No ccache file for user [user19client003.ipa.test@ipa.test] found.
   *  (2022-01-24 16:11:50): [be[ipa.test]] [fo_resolve_service_send] (0x0100): [RID#171] Trying to resolve service 'IPA'
   *  (2022-01-24 16:11:50): [be[ipa.test]] [get_server_status] (0x1000): [RID#171] Status of server 'server.ipa.test' is 'working'
   *  (2022-01-24 16:11:50): [be[ipa.test]] [get_port_status] (0x1000): [RID#171] Port status of port 0 for server 'server.ipa.test' is 'working'
   *  (2022-01-24 16:11:50): [be[ipa.test]] [fo_resolve_service_activate_timeout] (0x2000): [RID#171] Resolve timeout [dns_resolver_timeout] set to 6 seconds
   *  (2022-01-24 16:11:50): [be[ipa.test]] [get_server_status] (0x1000): [RID#171] Status of server 'server.ipa.test' is 'working'
   *  (2022-01-24 16:11:50): [be[ipa.test]] [be_resolve_server_process] (0x1000): [RID#171] Saving the first resolved server
   *  (2022-01-24 16:11:50): [be[ipa.test]] [be_resolve_server_process] (0x0200): [RID#171] Found address for server server.ipa.test: [] TTL 7200
   *  (2022-01-24 16:11:50): [be[ipa.test]] [ipa_resolve_callback] (0x0400): [RID#171] Constructed uri 'ldap://server.ipa.test'
   *  (2022-01-24 16:11:50): [be[ipa.test]] [krb5_add_krb5info_offline_callback] (0x4000): [RID#171] Removal callback already available for service [IPA].
   *  (2022-01-24 16:11:50): [be[ipa.test]] [unlink_dbg] (0x2000): [RID#171] File already removed: [/var/lib/sss/pubconf/.krb5info_dummy_hY7Urp]
   *  (2022-01-24 16:11:50): [be[ipa.test]] [sss_domain_get_state] (0x1000): [RID#171] Domain ipa.test is Active
   *  (2022-01-24 16:11:50): [be[ipa.test]] [child_handler_setup] (0x2000): [RID#171] Setting up signal handler up for pid [4444]
   *  (2022-01-24 16:11:50): [be[ipa.test]] [child_handler_setup] (0x2000): [RID#171] Signal handler set up for pid [4444]
   *  (2022-01-24 16:11:50): [be[ipa.test]] [write_pipe_handler] (0x0400): [RID#171] All data has been sent!
   *  (2022-01-24 16:11:56): [be[ipa.test]] [krb5_auth_done] (0x0020): [RID#171] child timed out!
********************** BACKTRACE DUMP ENDS HERE *********************************

(2022-01-24 16:11:56): [be[ipa.test]] [fo_resolve_service_send] (0x0020): [RID#171] No available servers for service 'IPA'

and subsequent backtraces:

   *  (2022-01-24 16:11:56): [be[ipa.test]] [_be_fo_set_port_status] (0x8000): [RID#171] Setting status: PORT_NOT_WORKING. Called from: src/providers/krb5/krb5_auth.c: krb5_auth_done: 862

and all the expected ports not available, etc. and no available servers for IPA (single server install).

The child is eventually killed leading to:

(2022-01-24 16:11:57): [be[ipa.test]] [krb5_auth_cache_creds] (0x0020): [RID#171] Offline authentication failed

Which makes sense since this is the first login for the user so there are no stored creds.

So if this is indeed a timeout, it is good for me. I'm explicitly trying to find the limit of how many users/clients can authenticate at more or less the same time. It seems like I've managed to push the server enough that it isn't responsive to the default sssd timeouts (and 6 seconds feels like forever if you're just trying to log in). The interesting bit is that the server isn't really stressing at all, using maybe 25% of CPU. So it must be something else that is restrictive: # of threads, connections, etc.

I'll preserve these client and server logs in case we want to do further analysis but I'll try decreasing the number of logins to continue my search for the sweet spot.
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