Since getting sssd logins to work correctly, I'm noticing that logging in with my 'old' local user account takes orders of magnitude longer to complete than before. (root logins continue to happen without any noticeable delay.) Why is that, and is there a configuration parameter I can change to restore normal login times for local non-root users? I can work around the problem by opening a separate text console as root and stopping the sssd daemon until the login completes, then restarting the daemon.

Ultimately, of course, I think the logical solution is to create a local sssd user (with an associated LOCAL domain), but I've grown fond of my local account user name and I'm not certain yet that I can use sss_useradd to create a local database entry with the same account name without some unintended (and perhaps negative) consequences.
Harry Sutton
Global Solutions Support Engineering (GSSE)
GSD Customer Solution Center
Technology Services, Enterprise Group