I'll check with my security team, and hopefully be able to send them to you tomorrow. I might do so from my work email account, but I'll mention my gmail address on there as well.

I assume you'll want a copy the configuration files, so I'll send those with the logs if I'm able.

Unfortunately gmail didn't notify me of your response (or I missed it), while I was sending that one. 

Thanks again!

On Fri, Jan 10, 2014 at 3:01 AM, Sumit Bose <sbose@redhat.com> wrote:
On Fri, Jan 10, 2014 at 02:32:48AM -0800, Chris Gray wrote:
> I'll install the ldb-tools tomorrow (I went home) and try that out.
> The SID and the RID are correct, verified visually and used a windows
> utility to search the domain based on the SID to verify it was correct and
> returning the correct account from AD (psgetsid.exe). I'm also working on
> converting the SID and RID to reverse hex so I can use ldapsearch on the
> linux machine to triple verify, but I haven't completed that yet.
> The computers with SSSD version 1.9 correctly show the RID as the last
> digits of the unix UID. My default domain group is Domain Users as well,
> which always has a RID of 0513, and that correctly shows as the last 4
> digits unix GID on the computers with 1.9.
> Reading those bug reports more may had lead to a solution.
>          ldap_idmap_default_domain_sid (string)
>                Specify the domain SID of the default domain. This will
>                guarantee that this domain will always be assigned to slice
>                zero in the ID map, bypassing the murmurhash algorithm
>                described above.
>                Default: not set
>            ldap_idmap_default_domain (string)
>                Specify the name of the default domain.
>                Default: not set

Please note that those options have a special purpose and should not be
needed in your setup. Nevertheless they might lead to a working
solution by hiding the original issue. With those two option a domain is
pre-created in the idmapping code. If the SID matches the domain SID of
your user the user will get a POSIX ID and you won't see the errors you
posted earlier. But in general the AD provider is able to auto-detect all
domain in your forest and create the needed idmapping entries
automatically. I assume that there is an issue to detect of domain and
its domain SID or to create the needed idmapping entries. This is why I
asekd for the full logs.


> I'll try those out tomorrow as well. I'm not sure they'll work since I
> got them from version 1.9 docs. I don't have them set on the computers
> I have that use SSSD 1.9, and they don't exhibit the problem.
> Thanks again,
> Chris

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