Hi John,

first of all thanks for your answer.

I'm not and AD/LDAP/SSSD expert, sorry in advance for my ignorance.

this is what I understand:

those changes might require to use LDAP with TLS either with START_TLS on the LDAP port or using LDAPS. 

I understand that we have to enforce TLS or LDAPS (which bring to my original email, how?).
Additionally SSSD uses SASL/GSSAPI/GSS-SPNEGO for encryption with cannot 

for the above methods  (and according to https://docs.pagure.org/SSSD.sssd/users/ldap_with_ad.html) I must join the computer to the domain (something I cannot do). so, back to ldap with TSL/SSL?

I still don't understand why ldaps is not required for encrypted comms. Could you please elaborate a little your answer?
If we stick to ldap provider , who should we configure sssd if we cannot join the server to the domain?

also, I realize that we are running a very old sssd version (1.14) so any new feature from version 2 is not available.


On Thu, 26 Mar 2020 at 13:07, John Beranek <john@redux.org.uk> wrote:
On Thu, 26 Mar 2020 at 11:47, Arnau Bria wrote:
Dear all,

we're preparing our sssd service to be fully compliant with the patch the Microsfot will release soon and that will make AD reject any communication that is not encrypted. ( ADV190023 ). 

You want to read this thread:


ldaps is *not* required for encrypted comms.



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