Hi all,

I've found an Ubuntu 10.04 server with a very old sssd running on it.  The sssd package does not appear to be configured to do anything.  I don't see anything in nsswitch and nothing returned when I run getent passwd --service=sss.  So I don't see anything in nsswitch, I also don't see any instance of sss anywhere in /etc/pam.d/*.

Can this sssd be doing anything or even possibly negatively affecting things for the system in any way?

Can sssd interact with the rest of the O/S through another mechanism?  I just want to verify that sssd is not doing anything before I stop the service and remove the package.

The version is 1.0.5-0ubuntu1.  My plan is to just turn it off and uninstall the package, unless I find out that it's doing something useful for the customer.

I'm in the process of turning on the debug level = 10 (or whatever it is) option so I can look through the sssd log files.

Thanks in advance.