In our environment, regular users authenticate via sssd/ldap, and emergency user(s) via PAM if/when sssd + RSA securid fails. Still running sssd 1.14.2 on el6.


On 10/16/2017 11:04 AM, wrote:
On certain servers I want IPA authentication but the local user/group database. With sssd 1.14, I could specify pam as the only service and put files in /etc/nsswitch.conf. With sssd 1.15, I get extra groups with that setting. I had to set id_provider=none, which is undocumented. I'd be happy to see id_provider=files for this situation, though id_provider=none with nsswitch seems to do what I need.

I do have a user with a static password, for cases where services are down. That can be done in pam, by having pam_unix as well as pam_sss. It would be interesting to have sssd handle this kind of mixed case, but it seems like this is what pam is for.
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