I have a question concerning values for the the "ldap_idmap_range_size" directive. I'm aware that v1.13.4 or better of the daemon supports multiple slices for the same domain. My question goes to earlier versions of the daemon  that do not, "and" the v1.13.4 or better versions of the daemon that do. 

In environments that have high RID values (>750,000), what disadvantages are there to setting the value of the "ldap_idmap_range_size" directive to values above 1,000,000 to accommodate extraordinary large RID values. My common sense says the computational tax would be too high for a host to be sustainable, but I wanted to ask.

So, in environments where I might want to have slice capacity > 200,000, what are the concerns, best practices, and briefly, why?

Many thanks

-- Lawrence Kearney