I am sending you a mail again with more details and all the logs you asked, I hope now it will be clearer.


I would like to implement smartcard authentication to Microsoft AD with sssd on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS.

I succeed login to AD with a password but when I tried to use a smartcard the action failed as the description above:

After a minute of timeout the password window pop up (instead of PIN code pop up) and even when I put the correct password, I got the following error : "Authentication failure".

When I used kinit using a smartcard with the same user the action succeed and I got the TGT.


I have attached the configuration files : krb5.conf ,sssd.conf and all the logs files that you asked: krb5_child.log, p11_child.log,sssd_pam.log,sssd_domain.log and sssd.log.

You can see all those logs in two cases:

  1. Password login
  2. Smartcard login


I would appreciate your help on this issue because you are my last resource.

Thank you again,