On 09/17/2012 05:12 PM, Michael Cronenworth wrote:
Dmitri Pal wrote:

sssd.conf and krb5.conf would be helpful too.
The F16 (not working) and F17 (working) boxes have identical sssd.conf
and krb5.conf files. Verified by diff. The boxes are also using the same
DNS server (runs on the F16 box) with the exact same /etc/resolv.conf
file. I have attached the files for completeness.

The problem? The machine's FQDN was not set. Even though
/etc/sysconfig/network has it set, the "hostname -f" command did not
return the full domain name. The SRV requests SSSD was trying to perform
were against the machine name instead of the domain name. Setting the
FQDN got things working again. No conf file changes were required. I'm
not sure how the hostname got changed as this was working properly in
the past.

I am glad things worked out for you.


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