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On Sat, 3 Apr 2021 at 10:52, Calvin Chiang <> wrote:
Hi Sam

Thanks for the input here! i'll be testing this again on Tuesday.
I "think" GSSAPI means the machine has to be domain joined. which i wanted to avoid as it was a container that would be disappearing pretty often.
But these logs are looking very handy in any case thanks!



On Thu, 1 Apr 2021 at 14:57, Sam Morris <> wrote:
Whoops, I forgot to include the sudo output!

pam_sss_gss: Initializing GSSAPI authentication with SSSD
pam_sss_gss: Switching euid from 0 to 123456789
pam_sss_gss: Trying to establish security context
pam_sss_gss: SSSD User name:
pam_sss_gss: User domain:
pam_sss_gss: User principal: Sam.Morris@EXAMPLE.NET
pam_sss_gss: Target name:
pam_sss_gss: Using ccache: FILE:/run/user/123456789/krb5cc
pam_sss_gss: Acquiring credentials for principal [Sam.Morris@EXAMPLE.NET]
pam_sss_gss: Communication error [3, 32]: Error in service module; Broken pipe
pam_sss_gss: Switching euid from 123456789 to 0
pam_sss_gss: System error [32]: Broken pipe
[sudo] password for ^C

If I run 'klist' at this point, I can see that I've picked up tickets for krb5tgt/IPA.EXAMPLE.NET@EXAMPLE.NET and host/; so I think the PAM module is working, but sssd_pam doesn't like what it sends and closes the connection down.

Sam Morris <>
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