I'm new to SSSD and the mailing list. 

I've recently starting working with SSSD to learn about its capabilities and have been actively testing it in joining AD on various Linux distributions (Oracle/CentsOS 6.x , Fedora 22). Now focused on getting SUSE 11.3, Ubuntu 14.04 working. 

Ubuntu 14.04 - have been able to get to joining AD domain, but unable to authenticate users after join. SSSD appears to start, die, start, die.... Issue may be in correct DNS nameserver config as I am not sure if settings should be made in resolvconf, dnsmasq, Network Manager. Also not clear whether Winbind and Samba need to be removed. Lastly not sure on which package to use for automatic directory creation.

For SSSD I'm using the same config on Ubuntu that works on CentOS/Fedora.

Please let me know if you are running SSSD on Ubuntu 14.04.