sssd experts,

This sssd version (released Tue 23 Nov 2021) is under-discovering AD domains.

A similar sssd bug occurred last July, where sssd over-discovered AD domains (AD domains for which there was not a legal trust relationship with this AD domain.)  Now, it appears that sssd is under-discovering AD domains (not discovering AD domains which have a valid trust relationship with this AD domain).

Ultimately, an sssd developer on this sssd mailing list (Sumit Rose) resolved the July bug of AD domain over-discovery.   Hopefully, someone will recognize this new AD domain under-discovery bug.

We have opened RedHat support case #03124778 for this new AD domain under-discovery bug.  But to be frank, such complicated sssd bugs don’t get resolved by RHEL L1 customer support.  (RHEL customer support is great, but not for complicated sssd bugs.)

For now, we have pulled sssd-*-1.16.5-10.0.1.el7_9.11.x86_64 RPMs out of our Jan OS patching cycle.