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On 01/03/2014 08:26 AM, Bryan Harris wrote:
Hi Jakub,
As always thanks very much for your help. I'll plan on getting rid of this package or at least prevent sssd from running.

And the question is why?
I understand that in this case it is probably the best decision since
SSSD is not used and the version is old.
But what do you then use instead? Why not move to the later version of
SSSD and enjoy its features?
What did we miss to deserve "...getting rid of this package..." ;-) ?
Ah I simply chose my wording (very) poorly.  I love sssd!  But in this particular case they just had it installed from the default Ubuntu 10.04 config files and it was apparently doing nothing at all, so... I got adventurous and well the rest is history.  Oh and I found out later this customer is migrating to a newer Ubuntu very soon, so if they ever need sssd for that server they will have a newer version (and I guess we still are discouraged from PPAs because of... I can't remember all the reasons).

Just as an update to my questions in the other thread, that other customer is going to slowly switch to using RHEL and get away from Debian 6, so that will allow them to use an sssd newer than what was available in Debian 6.  Yay!